Updated Windows Azure Reference Architecture

by on September 10, 2012

Since publishing my Windows Azure Cookbook series, I’ve received a number of requests to update the reference architecture diagram for the platform to include the features in the June release. Here my latest version of the diagram.

Windows Azure Platform Reference Architecture

(Click on it to get a larger version suitable for printing.)

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September 10. 2012 20:38


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September 10. 2012 23:38

Mobile Application Development

The previous architecture diagram for Windows Azure was bit complicated but even then all work can be understood and performed with ease. The new cloud architecture seems pretty simple and descriptive. The best part of this cloud is that it supports all the platforms and languages, business firms dealing with multiple development platforms can have their data over the cloud with ease. Like some mobile application development firm can put all their data over the cloud and make apps for iOS, windows and android platforms using java, C# and HTML5 languages.

Mobile Application Development

September 12. 2012 06:53

Alex Belotserkovsky (MVP)

Hi Clint.
Can i use your diagram in my presentation (with your name, for sure)?

Alex Belotserkovsky (MVP)

September 14. 2012 17:06


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September 18. 2012 14:13


Announcing the New Windows Azure Web Sites Shared Scaling Tier

Announcing the New Windows Azure Web Sites Shared Scaling Tier

not so trivial .net

September 25. 2012 10:11


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