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by on February 6, 2012


I’m shifting gears this year to focus more on our Windows Azure offerings. Since our first discussions in our ArcReady events, I’ve been fired up about cloud computing and our Azure platform offering has matured nicely over the last year.

This is a collection of links to resources for Windows Azure that should serve as a resource guide for anyone starting to work with cloud computing with Microsoft .NET. Give me a shout if you have some other favorites that you’d like to see included here.

Activate your free trial now and give it a spin! If you’re an MSDN subscriber, you already get free cloud computing resources every month. You just need to activate your Azure benefits.


Websites & Portals

Windows Azure Information Portal – Essential resources for users new to Visual Studio 2010.

MSDN Library Azure Platform Portal – The Windows Azure platform includes the foundation layer of Windows Azure as well as a set of developer services which can be used individually or together. Visit this site to learn about the what and the how.

Windows Azure Developer Center – Learn how to build and deploy Windows Azure applications.

Windows Azure Account Center – Manage your subscription and track your Windows Azure usage.

Windows Azure Management Portal – Use the management portal to configure and control your Windows Azure services and applications.


Training & Labs

Windows Azure Training Kit – Technical content designed to help you learn how to use Windows Azure, including hands-on labs, presentations, demos, and code samples for every aspect of development. You can use the resources in the training kit to teach yourself or train others.

Windows Azure Training Course – Hands-on labs that are designed to help you quickly learn how to use Windows Azure services and SQL Azure.

Windows Azure How-to Topics – Huge compilation of how-to’s covering all areas of Azure development and and application management.

Real World Windows Azure Guidance – Valuable and interesting articles based on real world experiences of Microsoft customers developing applications for Windows Azure.

Windows Azure Platform Forums – Need answers? Visit our own social, community driven MSDN forums.

Stack Overflow Azure Questions – Independent community based questions and answers on Azure from professional and enthusiast programmers.



Downloads & Samples

Windows Azure SDK & Tools for .NET – Everything you need in one simple install, including tooling for Visual Studio and all Windows Azure client libraries for .NET.

Windows Azure tooling for .NET, node.js, java, and php -  Get the tools and resources you need for every available platform that works with Windows Azure.

Windows Azure Sample Gallery – Community driven gallery of samples so you can learn from code.

White Papers on Windows Azure – Popular articles that provide additional views and perspectives on Windows Azure services.

Windows Azure Case Studies – Learn how others are using the Windows Azure platform.



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