Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Resource Guide

by on July 12, 2011

imageMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch gives you a simpler and faster way to create high-quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud, regardless of your development skills. LightSwitch is a new addition to the Visual Studio family designed to simplify and shorten the development of typical forms-over-data business applications.

With the impending release on July 26th, I’ve received a ton of requests for more information. Here is a collection of links to resources to get you started:

Websites & Portals

LightSwitch 2011 Portal – Official product portal where you can download the current beta and get updates on the official launch.

LightSwitch Developer Center – With LightSwitch, building business apps has never been easier. Stay up to date and learn more about features and capabilities of LightSwitch.

Official LightSwitch team blog – Public voice of the team who created LightSwitch. You’ll hear the latest news here first.

LightSwitch Help Website – Forums, How To’s and FAQs driven by the community.


Tutorials & Training

What is LightSwitch? – See how Visual Studio LightSwitch can help you develop business applications that run on the desktop or the cloud quickly.

Hello World Tutorial – This blog post by Jason Zander walks you through creating your first LightSwitch application.

LightSwitch Videos on Channel 9 – A collection of recordings from near and far all about LightSwitch.

LightSwitch Training Kit – The Visual Studio LightSwitch Training Kit contains demos and labs to help you learn to use and extend LightSwitch.

LightSwitch Developer Forums – Questions and discussions around the Visual Studio LightSwitch release.

Exploring the LightSwitch Architecture – LightSwitch applications are built on a classic three-tier architecture, on top of existing .NET technologies and proven architectural design patterns. See how LightSwitch works under the covers.

Extending LightSwitch - Extensions can add new capabilities to Visual Studio LightSwitch. You can download popular extensions from the Visual Studio Gallery. See how you can build your own themes, shells, business types, controls, screen templates, and data sources.