Architect Bookshelf: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise

by on May 29, 2009

Architecting Applications for the Enterprise by Dino Esposito & Andrea Saltarello

If you’re an .NET developer looking to get a better understanding of software architecture you’re in luck. This book offers a superb hands-on introduction to all the aspects of application architecture you’ll need. You’ll get an introduction to software architecture as a discipline as well as an overview of UML and a review of commonly accepted industry design principles. From there Dino and Andrea dive right into the heart of application architecture – designing your data, business, service, and presentation layers.

There’s a TON of guidance on the options available for each of your layers and when to choose which. The greatest strength of this book - it's all proven out in a real world working example that you can download and try out. I can’t underscore how important this book is to the working developer. I applaud this book for it’s greatness and curse Dino and Andrea for writing the book I wanted to write. Highly recommended!

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my net hubby

August 17. 2009 11:23

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Oh you've got a good books collection it seems, I am not a book reader much but I would like to learn some of the great stuff from scratch. I am not a .NET developer but I would like to learn .NET and some other languages, do you recommend any book required to start it from scratch ?

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Clint Edmonson

Any beginner level book from MSDN Press or Wrox is a good start. You should also check out and for TONS of tutorials and how do I videos.

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