St. Louis MOSS Camp 2009 - Event Report

by on April 24, 2009

The St. Louis SharePoint User Group held its 2nd annual MOSS Camp this past Saturday, April 18th from 8 am – 5 pm at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center in St. Louis.  The free event provided 20 sessions along 3 tracks: Development, Infrastructure, and Governance/Business. The goal of the event was to support the local St. Louis SharePoint ecosystem by providing free community driven training and raising awareness of local partners that offer SharePoint services. The emphasis was on working examples, process, and demonstration of real world solutions.

Darrin Bishop Matt Bremer An intense session

Tweets were flying throughout the event. The speakers, organizers, and attendees did a great job keeping the energy and excitement level high all day and the experience was extended out to participants as far away as Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia. At last count, there were over 520 tweets tagged with #stlmosscamp during the event. Having competition with a sister event in Atlanta running on the same day was a great motivator for everyone involved. A capture of the tweets from both the events as they ran simultaneously can be found here:



Top notch speakers. We had great speakers travel in from as far as Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota. Our speakers included INETA speakers and leaders, MPVs, and book authors. You can find out more about them here

Standing room only. With 12 sponsors, 20 sessions, 18 speakers, and over 80 attendees there was noticeable growth over last year’s event. Sessions were packed and we had to grab every chair we could find throughout the building. More growth is expected for next year and planning for more space is already under way.

Competition creates buzz. The Atlanta MOSS Camp was being run on the same day. This created a great sense of excitement and competition as the leaders and speakers at each event attempted to out-do each other for buzz via social media channels. Virtual highlights of each session were tweeted as they happened in both cities. The energy level was WAY up and the tweets were flying!

I want to be sure to call out the organizers for putting together a great event:  Kurt Rolland, Matt Bremer, Todd Kitta, J.D. Wade, Daniel Gallant, and Joe Rhodes. A special thanks to T.C. Slater for hosting us at their excellent facilities.


More Photos

More photos of this awesome event can be found on my flickr stream: