Architect Bookshelf: The Design of Sites

by on January 30, 2009

The Design of Sites – Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites by Van Duyne, Landay, and Hong

This book does for web design what the gang of four book did for object-oriented software development. It contains, quite simply, the best catalog of design patterns and paradigms ever published for building web sites with great user experiences. It begins with a survey of the different web site genres on the net and advice on how to design sites around these genres to hit your target audience. What follows are best practices for everything found on modern web sites: branding, navigation, accessibility, personalization/customization, browsing and searching, efficient shopping, and much more. It concludes with advice on how to tune the speed of your sites to ensure that users get a snappy response and want to come back for more. It contains 1000s of full color example screenshots illustrating the knowledge they are sharing. My only caution to you is that you be so inspired by this book, you will want to use ALL the patterns in every new site you build.

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January 30. 2009 18:00


I was recommended this book about 6 months ago and it is a fantastic book for anyone who is involved in web development at any point.  It also gives a lot of great information on how to conduct design decisions, prototyping, and usability studies which can greatly help when laying out a site.  This is a great book.