Application Architecture Guide V2.0 Released!

by on December 19, 2008

I'm thrilled to announce that the new edition of this book has been released. For those of you who develop on the .NET platform, this is THE reference architecture book for you. In fact, it's often referred to as the "Microsoft playbook for application architecture". I've carried around a paperback copy of the first edition in my backpack since the day it was released. This updated version is even more special to me because I have been participating as a technical reviewer since the revision began. We've learned a lot more about building great .NET applications since the first release of the book and I wanted to make sure it was all captured in this new edition. I'm extremely pleased with the results. I hope you are as well.


Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Application Architecture Guide 2.0 by Microsoft patterns & practices

This guide provides design-level guidance for the architecture and design of applications built on the .NET Framework. It focuses on the most common types of applications, partitioning application functionality into layers, components, and services, and walks through their key design characteristics.This guide is a collaborative effort between patterns & practices, product teams, and industry experts. This guide is related to our Application Architecture Guide v2.0 Knowledge Base Project.

Visit to see the full line of existing patterns & practices guidance.


Special thanks to J. D. Meier for contacting me and allowing me to participate.


December 23. 2008 11:41

Saif Khan

Does anyone know when the paperback will be on the shelf?

Saif Khan

January 7. 2009 20:32

Clint Edmonson

Contacted the team. No release date yet. Stay tuned. I'll blog about it when it's in print.

Clint Edmonson