Friday Goodie Bag

by on October 24, 2008

Some cool new things on the net to share:


Tao of the Software Architect

A poem about architects (translated from French). How sweet. Written by Philippe Kruchten of "4+1 Views of Architecture" fame.


IASA IT Architect Skills Library

One way to approach your career goals is assess your current skill level and build a career roadmap to round out your overall skill set. A good place to start is the IASA skills library. Here's an overview of the skill sets that architects should posses. IASA has also compiled a list the individual skills within those skill sets. I recommend picking some that you are interested in and find ways to gain mastery - formal training, role change, new or more challenging projects, etc.


High Scalability

This is an online knowledge base for architects designing high scalability websites. It features links to case studies of all the big sites: YouTube, Google, Flickr, Amazon, and more. Invaluable resource if you need ideas on how to scale. Thanks to my buddy Ken Sipe for pointing this one out to me.


Microsoft StyleCop

For those of you who do code reviews, this one should come in handy. Think of it as FxCop for code style and formatting. It analyzes C# source code to enforce style and consistency rules. Can be run from inside Visual Studio or via MSBuild.


Twitrratr - The Twitter Rating Engine

Search twitter for particular keywords and this app will determine how many people are tweeting about it and whether they saying things that are positive, neutral, or negative. A love little innovations like this.



Awesome tool to build beautiful word clouds from a block of text. Here's an example taken from this blog posting.