Friday Goodie Bag: AutoCollage is auto-cool!

by on September 5, 2008

In a way, I'm grateful for those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads. It's forced Microsoft to take a hard look at our perception with consumers. It's also forced us to get off our butts and start focusing on innovation. I've highlighted World Wide Telescope ahd Photosynth in past goodie bags. These are very cool innovative applications but aren't necessarily meant for general consumers. Yesterday we released AutoCollage and I think this is one product that everyone who takes pictures will enjoy using. I can see myself using it for presentations as well as slideshows and home videos. It takes a directory of images, identifies those that it finds interesting (faces, high contrast, plus other top secret heuristics) and automatically generates a beautiful collage.

Give it a try. I think you'll find creating and sharing these collages with your family and friends very rewarding.


October 3. 2008 05:26


Just downloaded it. It's interesting how it picked out the large items in each of the photos.