Friday Goodie Bag

by on July 25, 2008

Here are some cool things I've encountered recently that I thought I would share....


.NET naked - hitherto unpublished pictures of the .NET Framework architecture 

Here's some analysis done on the .NET framework, showing a nice dependency graph and provides some interesting observations about the architecture of the framework. Also provides advice on analyzing your own code base.


NextGen PC Design Competition

A Napkin PC? Holy crap! Here are some really cool and groundbreaking ideas. You have to see them to believe them.


SearchMe & Powerset - next generation search experiences

No one knows for sure who's going to be the next king of the search hill. These new search interfaces caught my eye because of their elegance. I'm glad companies are still pushing the envelope. The old white and blue screen is getting boring.


Textflow - parallel word processing

Stop reading now and go watch the 3 minute demonstration. Really...go watch it now!. This IS the future of online multi-user applications. The simplicity and elegance of the real-time multi-user experience is a real breakthrough. Stay tuned for a follow up post from me on this one. I've got some ideas about how they implemented the architecture to achieve this and I'll be exploring them in detail here real soon.


Caligari TrueSpace 7 is free!

Just heard about this from Chris Williams, the XNA user group leader in Minneapolis. For a limited time, Caligari (a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft) is giving away the latest version of their TrueSpace product for free, including all their training videos. This was the first 3D modeling package I ever used. It's easy and fun to use and can produce stunning results. Give it a try!