Nikon D60 Rocks My World!

by on May 30, 2008

My buddy Jeff Julian and I were recently sharing camera tips on the point-and-shoot cameras we keep in our backpacks for community events. With a new baby on the way, I was considering buying a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera and shared the research that I had done with him. I had narrowed it down to an entry level Nikon model and was going to pick one up before my new baby was born. Turns out Jeff's birthday was the following week and he picked up a Nikon D60 before I did. His post only made me want one more. So with a baby due on Mother's Day weekend, I went over to Wolf Camera and caught the D60 kit on sale.


Following his example, I'm posting a few of the 650+ pictures I've taken so far.


Portrait of Graham


I know this isn't strictly on topic for my blog, but I've got to salute Nikon for this outstanding piece of engineering. I think you'll agree that the photos are incredibly sharp and vivid and just plain beautiful to behold. The camera's sensor appears to pick up color that our eyes don't even see. The responsiveness of the camera is also wonderful, especially when chasing a two year old around the yard. Even on fully automatic mode, 8 out of 10 shots look great. Truly a product worth evangelizing.


DSC_0452     DSC_0309

DSC_0109     DSC_0357

DSC_0325     DSC_0512


For those of you looking to enter the DSLR arena, I picked up the camera with kit lens (18-55mm), and additional zoom lens (55-200mm) for sports+animals, Nikon travel bag, two official Nikon School DVDs and 18 hours of classroom instruction for $799. FYI - they were also throwing in a full size Epson color printer/scanner for free but I declined it because I had absolutely no use for another printer.


June 7. 2008 12:47


I've recently picked up the same camera.  I am also very happy with it, and will be posting more pictures this weekend on Flickr.  I've only taken it out a couple of times, but got some great shots.  I have missed using an SLR, but with the amount of photos I took, it was getting too expensive with film!  


July 1. 2008 10:24

Clint Edmonson

Posting my settings to share with others and so that I have them documented if I reset my camera. Smile

Image Optimization:   Vivid
Image Quality:  Fine
Image Size:     Large
White Balance:  Auto (switch to PRE and use a gray card to set with indoors under flourescent lights)
ISO Sensitivity:            200 (Auto-ISO shift enabled (1600 max) if calculated shutter speed drops below 1/30)
Release Mode:   Continuous (so I can hold the button down and keep taking shots of cool stuff)
Focus Mode:     Auto-Focus Single Servo - focus stays where it was when the button was pressed half way
AF Area:        Single point (I do the Nikon shuffle - focus on subject and then shift to compose a shot)
Metering:       3D Matrix
Active-D Lighting: Off
Flash Compensation: -1.0
Exposure Compensation: 0.0
Noise Reduction: On

Clint Edmonson

July 15. 2008 17:23

Chris Sutton

I'm envying your camera. The quality looks fantastic.


Chris Sutton

August 6. 2008 17:14


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