Heroes Happen Here - Kansas City Style

by on March 25, 2008

Wow, what a great event today. I'd say we had over 500 developers in attendance for the developer track and the excitement level was very high. We had a lot of great questions and I hope everyone was able to see something new. Thanks again for attending this special event.


As promised, I've uploaded my slide deck to my skydrive. Here are some links directly to the demos and resources I used for the talk:

Simon Guest's UX IQ

Mix08 - the site was down during the presentation, but back up now. Great XBAP + ClickOnce example

Microsoft Sync Framework demos - webcasts straight from the dev team

Obtaining record changes from SQL Server 2008


I also want to thank the Kansas City .NET User Group for their warm welcome after the show and a special thanks to Jeff Julian for extending the launch out to the community with his Overview of Visual Studio 2008 talk.


March 26. 2008 20:02

Mark Gardner

Loved your presentation keep up the good work.

Mark Gardner