Video Games Live rocks St. Louis!

by on January 28, 2008


I love video games and I love movie scores and I love my it only makes sense that the three would conspire together on my behalf. This weekend my wife treated me to a concert where they played the scores from popular video games. And what a treat it was. Video Games Live is an immersive audio and video concert experience celebrating video games. It was conceived and is hosted by Tommy Tallarico of G4 TV fame. The tour has been running for 3 years and they have played over 50 concerts world wide. What really makes this event special is that all the performers are hired from local talent pools.

Here's a listing of songs in the program:

   Metal Gear Solid
   God of War
   Medal of Honor
   The Legend of Zelda
   Kingdom Hearts
   Final Fantasy
   Sonic the Hedgehog
   World of Warcraft
   Super Mario Brothers


If you enjoy games and music scores, check it out. I'm sure you will enjoy this truly unique experience.